About Marketplace Valet

Marketplace Valet first got started selling cell phone accessories on Ebay back in 2002. Then we started manufacturing our own brands of accessories and selling direct to consumer on marketplaces for over a decade. To date, we have over 400000 Seller Reviews on Amazon and over 570000 on Ebay. Today, we work with Brands to help them optimize their direct to consumer sales on marketplaces.

Established 2004.

The Marketplace Valet Advantage

Since 2002, Marketplace Valet has created over 200000 listings. Those listings have gone on to generate over $100,000,000 in revenues across the web. We are Amazon SEO and A9 Search Algorithm Experts. Our team can update your existing listing, or create an entirely new listing from scratch. Every listing is built using best practice and standards that we know succeeds on Amazon.  

Amazon Listing Optimization designed to Maximize Conversions

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Amazon Listing Optimization

Upgrade your content & keywords today to accelerate the growth of your product listings on Amazon, E-comm, and anywhere else you sell



Amazon Listing Optimization



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Listing Investment

Better Listings generate more sales. More sales leads to more product reviews. Momentum and reviews equals Listing Equity (TM)

Increase Conversion

Optimized Listings can lead to dramatic increases in conversion rates. Some clients have seen it go from 1 in 100 to 1 in 4

Save Money

By investing in your listings to optimize content, you will lower your ACOS. That means fewer clicks to get the next sale


We can handle a single listing, or a complete catalog of 20000+ products. Content & Keyword Optimization at scale

Fast Turnaround 

From start to finish in less than 30 days, often much faster.

Easy Application

After you pay for your Listing Optimizations, we collect a few pieces of data from you, and then get right to work

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“We are breaking every record for daily sales goals. I can easily attribute this to the improvements made to our listings. 5.11 Tactical has over 10000 listings on Amazon. Marketplace Valet has systematically improved our entire catalog” 

Dave O'Brien- Digital Marketplace Manager
5.11 Tactical | Irvine, California