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Marketplace Valet is a leader in providing Top Quality listings for clients. We are experts at updating Titles, Keywords, Features, Bullet Points, Product Descriptions and Enhanced Brand Content. 

Since 2002, we have created over 200000 listings for use on Amazon, E-comm, and anywhere else our clients sell.

Marketplace Seller since 2002. 400000+ seller reviews on Amazon and 570000+ seller reviews on Ebay. Today, we offer services to help brands dominate their Direct to Consumer business on marketplaces

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Example Listing

Upgraded Title

Proper Twisting with Variations

Optimized Product Descriptions

Although product descriptions live "below the fold", they are still a great opportunity to tell your brand's story and include keywords.


Marketplace Valet has improved the quality of our content and listings significantly. We have a large catalog, and they have stepped up to the challenge.

Dave O'Brien

Digital Marketplace Manager at 5.11 Tactical

Optimization Features

Whether we are upgrading an existing listing, or creating a completely new listing from scratch, Marketplace Valet will deliver the best possible listings.

Optimized Product Title

Optimized Titles have a huge impact on search results. Stylistically On-Brand, and within Amazon's character limit requirements.

Upgraded Bullet Points

This is the 2nd most important place for content improvements. As it is the 2nd place customers turn their eyes to quickly analyze the benefits of your product.

Enhanced Product Description

Tucked lower in the page, the product description plays the role of describing everything else about your brand, as well as product features. Also a great place for a few more keywords.

Improved Searchability

Optimized Content & Copy, proper categorization, and backend keywords will all help your listing show up more often in search results.

Proper Categorization

We make sure that your product is in the correct Amazon category. Customers need to find your product as they drill down. Example: "Clothing > Men's Clothing > Outdoor Gear"

Parent / Child Variations

We deliver all of our product optimization work with proper twisting. This means that your listings show up all in one: where customers choose "Size" and "Color" for instance. Improves Sales

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